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Set objectives

An obvious starting point perhaps, but as event organisers, we have to ask ourselves why are we organising a particular event? Valid reasons may include generating income or pr, launching a new campaign, product or service, to promote the brand, or to impart learning. A critical analysis should ask what is it that a live event ... More

Become Best Friends with Data

Every decision you make can and should be backed by data. That means you need to identify ways to quantify and learn from your efforts as a planner. Having good data is valuable beyond just giving you the ability to iterate and design better events each time. It empowers you to negotiate and push back when clients have ideas ... More

Draw the guest list

As all other arrangements such as venue, logistics, food, and décor are completely based on the perspective of guest count, it would definitely be a prudent effort to prepare a list that fits into your budget. And as a strong recommendation, prioritize your people, starting right from those guests without whom you can’t get ... More

Prepare the budget

Everything else can wait until you make up your mind about the budget. Yes, be judicious while setting aside funds as any stray calculations has the true potential to cause embarrassments at a later stage. More importantly, it is essential to stick to the budget and make room for miscellaneous expenses that are bound to pop up ... More

Make Events Green Again

It’s 2018, do your part and ask about green event programs or sustainable alternatives available at the venues you’re working with. This can be a huge selling point for your event. Promote that fact that you’ve designed an event experience with sustainability in mind. More